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'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.' - Anatole France – A truly life changing quote, indeed.

This beautiful quote made a curious teenager adopt a dog. The love he received, got him spending a lot of his time with the dog, making them best friends. The teenager wanted to buy the best food, treats and toys as he strongly believed that his ever-faithful friend Shadow deserved nothing but the absolute best!

He started searching the internet for pet foods from international brands and understood that the options in India were limited. To his disappointment, only a few mass-market products were available. When he tried ordering international products online, they were delivered late and when they finally arrived, they were damaged. Reaching out to the seller was in vain and he settled for buying his usual product from a pet shop nearby.

The frustrated young kid thought to himself, β€œsomeday I must do something for fellow pet parents to ensure that they don’t face similar situations, for every pet deserves the absolute best”.

Fast forward a few years, he met a group of passionate youngsters who loved pets and wanted to be involved in the pet business. To them, the idea of working with and for pets seemed very inviting.

Raising a pet can be as challenging and as rewarding as raising a human child. As pet parents, they understood how complicated the requirements of pets can be and how stressful it can be for pet parents. They wanted to ensure that the ordeal they endured was never faced by any other pet parent. They wanted their initiative to be very different from others - an effort that would help fellow pet parents make informed judgements about the well-being of their pets.

They decided to come up with an initiative that would be unique, addressing all the existing issues like:

  • Improper guidance on food selection
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Lack of proper responses to the queries of pet parents
  • Inadequate redressal of customer grievances

In addressing the above issues, welfare of pets remained the core of their initiative!

Their mission was to bring to life an organisation that

  • Is truly a one stop solution for all pet needs.
  • Has a platform that is accessible to all.
  • Ensures that a pet parent living in the remotest part of the nation has equal access to all the products that a pet parent living in the heart of a metro would have
  • Offers products at affordable rates.
  • Provides proper guidance to help pet parents make informed buying decisions
  • Provides robust customer care support
  • Processes and ships orders within 24 hours
  • Ensures that orders are packed with utmost care and delivered ASAP!
  • Ensures a hassle-free return/exchange policy
  • Stands with the pet parents, every step of the way

Thus, Ofypets was born. Only For Your pets is a humble initiative by a group of passionate youngsters to help fellow pet parents get the best for their pets.

Ofypets is your truly one stop solution offering pet foods, accessories, toys, treats, medicines, medical & spa services for your pets.

In addition to catering to online orders through its website, Ofypets has retail stores, spas & clinics in Chennai with a plan to expand to other parts of the country soon.

With varieties ranging over 3000 unique SKUs from 150+ brands, we have fulfilled over 50,000 customer orders in the last 3 years.

Ofypets was the first to recommence operations since the first lockdown was announced - we resumed operations from the 3rd day of the COVID lockdown, post obtaining necessary regulatory approvals. Even at the peak of the pandemic, we shipped products all over India. We were deeply touched by the happiness it brought to the pet parents who had faith in us and had ordered products.

As a way of giving back to the society, Ofypets supports various NGOs including BMAD, Cattitude, Second Chance Animal Trust, etc.

'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.'

We will be with you throughout this wonderful journey, every step of the way! 

Team Ofypets

Ofypets India Private Limited 

23A South Mada Street, Chennai - 600099