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Manitoba Mixture for Rabbits, Coniglietto

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The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) belongs to the Leporidae family, like the hare. In nature, rabbits live in groups, in underground tunnel systems they excavate. The structure and size of this animal vary greatly depending on the breed: it starts, in fact, from the Dutch dwarf rabbit that weighs less than a kilogram and reaches the giant breeds, (such as the Flemish giant), which weigh up at eight. The digestive system of the rabbit is characterized by a particular physiological characteristic called ciecotrophy, which determines a process of formation and rearing of a type of particular stool, called soft faeces. Thanks to this the rabbit, which is a monogastric, is able to "digest by bacterial fermentation" fibrous foods as it happens in polygastrics.
Alfalfa pellets
Crushed favino
Crushed corn
White oats
Crushed pea
Green pea
Expanded corn
Pea flaked
White corn
Sunflower Iregi
Green extruded
Extruded orange
Meadow hay
How to Feed
The Manitoba Bunny is a complete food to be administered in special feeders in a quantity corresponding to the average consumed in the 24 hours, and this according to the physical activity, the available space, the microclimate and the age of the rabbit .Especially in rabbits forced to poor walking it is advisable to combine the mixture with hay of good quality. Ensure fresh and clean water always available.

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