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Manitoba Mixture For Tropical Finches, Esotici

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With the generic term of exotic we refer to passerines mainly included in the family of the Estrildidae. Among the many species we mention the Erythrura gouldiae or Diamante di Gould, originally from Australia where it populates the northern part of the island. It is a bird of sociable nature and lives in large groups, even during the breeding season. In nature it moves in flocks among open forests and shrubs, looking for seeds on the ground. We also mention the Taeniopygia guttata (Mandarin Diamond), the Amandava amandava (Common Bengal), the Neochmia temporalis (Red eyelash diamond), the Lonchura oryzivora (Java's finch), the Peophila acuticauda (Diamante codalunga).
✓ Contains
✓ Yellow millet
✓ Canary seed
✓ Sunflower
✓ Safflower
✓ Sunflower seed
✓ Red millet
✓ Sorghum
✓ Peeled oats
✓ Paddy
✓ Flaxseed
✓ Buckwheat
✓ Hempseed
✓ Wheat
How to Feed
The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average amount consumed in the 24 hours, taking care to provide before each administration to clean and wash the manger. This sanitary practice must also be extended to the drinking trough, ensuring fresh and clean water always available.